Casino Gaming

Boot Hill Casino & Resort

Boot Hill Casino & Resort, located in world-famous Dodge City, Kansas, is home to the first state-owned and operated casino gaming in Kansas. Boot Hill Casino offers approximately 800 slot machines and over 20 table games – including blackjack, craps, roulette, and poker.

Themed “Old West-New Entertainment,” Boot Hill Casino & Resort has been designed with high style and finish, evoking a sense of the western history of the 1870’s combined with today’s desire for the highest level of comfort, service, and entertainment.

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Cattle & Harvests

Harvesting crops in Southwest Kansas

Harvest stories submitted by Kansans for the online exhibit.

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Cargill Meat Solutions, Dodge City, KS

As the second-largest beef processor in North America, Cargill Meat Solutions processes more than 7.6 million cattle per year. The plant in Dodge City was established in 1980 and comprises over 800,000 square feet. The plant can process over 7,000 head per day. With approximately 2,750 employees at the Dodge City site, they are able to produce in excess of 4.5 million lbs of beef daily.

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National Beef, Dodge City & Liberal, KS

National Beef Packing Company is one of the largest beef processing companies in the United States, processing and marketing fresh beef and beef by-products across the U.S. and internationally. Our processing facilities in Dodge City, Kansas, and Liberal, Kansas provide beef products to retailers, food service providers, distributors and further processors. Quality and processing innovation has supported their growth from a single plant in 1992, to the fourth largest U.S. beef processor.

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Winter Livestock & Sale Barn, Dodge City, KS

Established in 1936, Winter Livestock is one of the oldest cattle auctions in the nation. With five locations, Dodge City, KS, Pratt, KS, LaJunta, CO, Enid, OK, and Riverton, WY, over 30 million head of cattle have been merchandised for the area’s finest cattlemen over the years. We strive for top dollar on your cattle. Our facilities are highly maintained and laid out with cattle care in mind. You’re welcome to stop in, and have a cup of coffee and talk cattle.

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Beef Country

Along with the diversity of farming is a large collection of cattle and dairy farms. This is the heart of beef country. Kansas ranks among the top states in the nation in commercial cattle processing and about 25% of the nations beef supply comes from this Southwest Kansas region.

Southwest Kansas

Southwest Kansas has a unique place in America’s food basket. You’ll find a diverse agricultural landscape of wheat, milo, sunflowers, soybeans, corn, and even cotton. Family farmers work the land and are very gracious in welcoming you and telling a story or two.

Events & Activities

5.4.7 Arts Center, Greensburg, KS

The 5.4.7 Arts Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of both visual and performing arts and providing an environment to create and learn through exhibits, performances and classes. As the only public arts center between Wichita and Dodge City, it serves as an important regional resource for contemporary art in Southwestern Kansas.

The Center’s name comes from the date on which a Category 5 tornado devastated nearly all of Greensburg on May 4, 2007. After the tornado, the community made the decision to designate art as an essential part of the city’s social and economic redevelopment by choosing to build 5.4.7 Arts Center as its first public building.

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Carnegie Center for the Arts, Dodge City, KS

Listed on the National Register of Historic Sites, the center features a variety of art exhibits. The building is a former Carnegie Library constructed in 1907. Rounded architectural features create one of the more unique of Carnegie’s libraries.

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Baker Arts Center in Liberal

Baker Arts Center in Liberal offers a visual art exhibit that features national traveling exhibits, local one-artist shows, an annual juried art show, works from area high schools, and pieces from its own collection.

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Lee Richardson Zoo in Garden City

Lee Richardson Zoo in Garden City, Kansas is known worldwide for their elephant management program. You’ll find over 350 animals displayed in the beautifully landscaped grounds.

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Dodge City Days

Dodge City Days has now evolved into a 10 day celebration and is the second largest community festival in the state of Kansas and is a well known festival throughout the nation!

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Beef Empire Days

After 51 years of working hard it’s time to celebrate success. Join us in the fun this 2019 season as we fiesta our way through the best parts of the beef industry. There will be Rodent Races, Chuckwagons, Parades, A Carnival and BBQ. You don’t want to miss out on this epic event!

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Tumbleweed Festival

Whether you like country, rock, bluegrass, Americana, folk, or that hard-to-classify sound; the Tumbleweed Festival is for you! Each year the Tumbleweed Festival aims to provide a variety of entertainers from across the musical spectrum in a setting which allows you to roam the entire festival grounds and hear them all!

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Forts, Settlements & Museums

Clark County Historical Society – Pioneer-Krier Museum, Ashland, KS

The Museum concentrates on telling the history of the local area. It presents samples of those things used by pioneer families in daily living in this cattle grazing country. Furnishings range from a country store with its cracker barrel and an array of merchandise, to collections of fossils, stones, and barb wire.

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Mid-America Air Museum, Liberal, KS

With more than 90 aircraft on display, the Mid-America Air Museum in Liberal, Kansas, is one of the largest aviation museums in the United States.

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Kiowa County Historical Museum & Soda Fountain, Greensburg, KS

Kiowa County Historical Museum in Greensburg, Kansas showcases a completely renovated Hunter Drug Soda Fountain. A full functioning old-time soda fountain where you can enjoy a handmade soda or ice cream treat. Sit down at the counter – get whisked into the past as a soda-jerk creates your very own item.

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National Foundation for Carnival Heritage Center, Kinsley, KS

The Carnival Heritage Center in Kinsley, Kansas preserves the traditions of the family carnival, salutes famous carnival individuals and provides a nostalgic look at a form of entertainment from a simpler time in American life.

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Historic Adobe Museum, Ulysses, KS

The Grant County Museum is housed in a handmade adobe structure built for a county shop in the 1930s as a WPA project. The museum is now on the State Register of Historic Places. The museum chronicles county and area history from mastodons to gas wells. Its emphasis is on the Santa Fe Trail, Jedediah Smith and Wagonbed Springs. Also included in the Museum Complex is a historic hotel and one-room schoolhouse.

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Battle Canyon, Scott County, KS

Battle Canyon is where the last Indian battle in Kansas was fought. Punished Woman’s Fork, it is about a mile south of Lake Scott State Park on Hwy 95. A monument overlooks a cave, a canyon, and the bluffs where The Northern Cheyenne hid, waiting to ambush the U.S. Cavalry.

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Battle of Coon Creek, Edwards County, KS

Indian attacks along the Santa Fe Trail were frequent from the 1820’s to the 1870’s. Near Kinsley, where the trail followed the Arkansas River, the Battle of Coon Creek was fought June 18, 1848, between some 200 Comanche’s and Osage and 140 soldiers, half of whom were recruits bound for service in the Mexican war. A startling occurrence after the inconclusive battle, according to the official report, was the appearance of an Indian woman “who seemed to be their queen, mounted on horse, decorated with silver ornaments on a scarlet dress, who rode about giving directions about the wounded.” The identity of this angel of mercy has remained a mystery.

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Fort Larned, Larned, KS

In a time of change and conflict, Fort Larned was on the front lines. The fort’s mission began to protect the mail, grew to support the protection of other traffic on the Santa Fe Trail, culminated in Hancock’s War and the Medicine Lodge Treaty in 1867, then ended with the completion of the railroad in less than two decades. Fort Larned is located directly on the Dry Route of the Santa Fe Trail, which follows the Pawnee Fork. The Wet Route, which more closely follows the Arkansas River, is just a few miles to the south. George Armstrong Custer and the newly-organized 7th U.S. Cavalry encamped at Fort Larned before and during their campaigns against the Cheyenne in 1867 and 1868. Custer’s first experience dealing with Plains Indians occurred at Fort Larned. Today Fort Larned remains the best-preserved fort of its time.
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Dalton Gang Hideout & Museum, Meade, KS

A modest house and barn on a cottonwood-shaded hill are home to an Old West legend. Notorious for robbing trains and banks, the Dalton Gang created a hideout in Meade and built an escape tunnel from the home of their sister, Eva Whipple, to the barn some 95 feet away from where their horses could carry them away undetected by the law. The Whipple house, escape tunnel and barn museum have been preserved and are all open to the public. Viewing the tunnel provides a sense of adventure that appeals to all ages.

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Boot Hill Museum, Dodge City, KS

The exciting and unique story of early Dodge City is told daily along Front Street at Boot Hill Museum. The area’s rich history dates back to the Native Americans who thrived off the land and the buffalo. The establishment of the Santa Fe Trail brought settlers to the area and introduced the potential of what is known as the Great American Dessert. The arrival of the U. S. Army prompted the building of Fort Dodge and soon to follow was the establishment of a rough and rowdy cattle town known as Dodge City. Law and order was soon recognized and Dodge City became a civilized frontier town and a center of commerce on the prairie.

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Hunting & Fishing

Cottonwood Quail Company

The Cottonwood Quail Company is the exclusive outfitter to the 22,000 acres Goodnight Ranch located in Englewood, Kansas. We are a small professional operation dedicated to the dog-oriented quail hunter. We have lodging and dog kennels right on the ranch and a varied and diverse terrain in which to hunt. 

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Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism

Hunting has a long and rich heritage in Kansas. With 300,000 acres of public land and more than 1 million acres of private land open to hunters, the state offers an abundance of pheasants, deer, quail, turkey, and geese.

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Nooks & Crannies

Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Windthorst

The first church at Windthorst was built in the spring of 1879, with the first mass celebrated on Easter Sunday. The growth of the parish was steady and strong, and by 1892, the need for a larger church was urgent. A second church was constructed in 1892 for a cost of $1,087 serving more than 200 patrons.

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Smallest Concrete Jail in Kansas

The smallest concrete jail in Kansas is the Fowler Jail located at the north end of Main Street, near the water tower, in Fowler, Kansas. There is no charge to take a look at this piece of history and wonder about those who ‘spent a night or two’ in this unusual jail.

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Ness County Bank, Ness City, Kansas

The Ness County Bank building, a four-story, 18,700 sq. ft. stone building at the intersection of Main Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, in Ness City, Kansas, was called, upon its completion in 1890, “The finest and most imposing structure west of Topeka.”

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Dorothy’s House & Land of OZ

Dorothy’s House was built in 1907 and donated to the Seward County Historical Society. Volunteers moved the house to its present location on the grounds. It has been carefully restored and furnished to replicate the house shown in the movie “The Wizard of Oz”, reproducing the warmth of the farmhouse where Dorothy realized that, “There’s no place like home.” Former governor John Carlin recognized the house as the official home of Dorothy Gale in 1981.

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Round Barn, Mullinville, KS

In 1912 Henry W. Fromme, a German immigrant, hired William “Pat” Campbell, a local carpenter, to build a large round barn to house 28 draft horses and a box stall for the registered Percheron stallion which he imported from France. Round barns were promoted as being more wind resistant, efficient use of space, and took less lumber to construct the same volume of space. The estimated cost was $8,000, which is several thousand dollars higher than that of other barns of the time. The two-level haymow is covered with tongue in groove pine boards. Original color was white with a green roof. The barn stands out from miles around and served as a landmark for training WWII bomber navigators.

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The Windsor Hotel, Garden City, KS

The Windsor Hotel was chosen as a finalist for the 8 Wonders of Kansas Architecture because of its paradigm-setting architectural feature of the open atrium with surrounding hotel rooms in 1887.

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Boot Hill Bed & Breakfast, Dodge City, KS

Spend a night or three in a grand old house at the top of Boot Hill, featuring the “Best Breakfast in the West”. Relive the old west at Boothill Museum (across the street), walk the Trail of Fame in Downtown Dodge, see a show at the Depot Theater Co. Dinner Theater located in the Historic Sante Fa Depot, or visit historic buildings like the Mueller-Schmidt House (the House of Stone), and the Carnegie Center for the Arts.

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Home of Stone, Dodge City, KS

Listed on the National Register of Historic Sites, the Mueller-Schmidt home in Dodge City is a three-story native limestone house constructed in 1881. Walls of the home are constructed of two and one-half foot thick limestone. Many of the original furnishings shipped out to the frontier when the house was first built are on display. One room is filled with memorabilia of pioneer mothers who lived in Ford County, Dodge City, and the surrounding territory.

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Santa Fe Depot & Harvey House, Dodge City, KS

The Santa Fe Railway depot built in 1898; an adjacent Harvey House hotel and restaurant, El Vaquero, opened in 1900, built in the Spanish mission style. This large structure totaled two city blocks. There was a major renovation of the hotel lobby in 1913, but the El Vaquero hotel closed 1996, the BNSF Railway donated the depot to the city. The depot was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2000.

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Old West Experience

Gardiner Angus Ranch, Clark County, KS

The Gardiner Angus Ranch is associated with several major agricultural colleges such as K-State, West Texas University, and many Junior Colleges. They are one of the leading Angus Association members and have classes on job stewardship training for the AIG classes.

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Moore Ranch, Bucklin, Kansas

If you’re ready for a rustic, authentic ranching experience, visit the Moore Ranch at Bucklin, Kansas. Join them on daily activities as you move Longhorn cattle to new pasture, mend fences and enjoy dutch oven meals from the chuckwagon.

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Springs, Lakes & Parks

Wagon Bed Springs, Santa Fe Trail, Ulysses, KS

Travelers longed and looked for this watering hole that became their life source for many as they traversed through the most dangerous and arduous portion of the Santa Fe Trail. One of the most famous groups of travelers to drink from the Springs was a 500-man group of Mormon soldiers on their way to California to fight in the War of 1846 after a 50-mile foot trek through the desert. The Springs, named after a wagon box set seeping in water, gained national recognition in 1961 when the National Park Service deemed it an Historic Landmark.

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St. Jacob’s Well, Clark County, KS

Approximately 15 miles south of Minneola on U.S. 283 is the Little Basin – about 280 yards in diameter and 35 feet from rim to floor. Within Little Basin is a small permanent pond known as St. Jacob’s Well. St. Jacob’s Well is a pool of water about 84 feet in diameter that has never been known to go dry.

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Clark State Fishing Lake, Clark County, KS

Approaching through flat farmlands and pasturelands, visitors are pleasantly surprised to discover Clark State Fishing Lake nestled in the deep Bluff Creek canyon. Several short drives or walks, on both sides of the lake, provide scenic vistas of this rugged western Kansas treasure. The lake is attractive to ducks and geese, and ospreys are common during the fall migration. Herons, gulls, and terns are also seen. During summer, both eastern and western kingbirds nest in the campground trees and noisily defend their territories.

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Lake Coldwater, Coldwater, KS

Until the development of Horsethief Reservoir in Hodgeman County, Lake Coldwater has been the only city, county, or state lake in southwest Kansas that permitted water-related sports. It is a 250-acre man-made lake in a 930-acre park within the Coldwater City limits.

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Horsethief Reservoir, Jetmore, KS

Hook up your camper, load up the boat, buy your bait and come to the Lake! Camping, Boating, Skiing, Swimming, Picnicking, Fishing, and Hunting are just some of the great opportunities that will be enjoyed by HorseThief users in 2012. The camping area opened up April 15, 2011, and has 42 camping sites with water and electric.

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Lake Scott State Park and Wildlife Area, near Scott City, KS

Eleven miles north of Scott City on Beaver Creek, Lake Scott State Park and Wildlife Area is a surprising oasis nestled in the prairie of Western Kansas. From some directions, you can look across Ladder Creek Canyon from a few hundred feet away and see no hint of the 1100 acres of lush diversity. Descending into the canyon, you will discover Scott State Fishing Lake, natural springs, rocky bluffs, and groves of ash, cedar, elm, walnut, and willow trees.

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Meade State Park and Fishing Lake

In addition to a scenic fishing lake and well-developed campground, Meade State Park and Fishing Lake offer much to wildlife watchers. Birders regularly turn up unusual sightings at the area, including the brown pelican and magnificent frigatebird.

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Trails & Grasslands

Jones & Plummer Trail, Meade, KS

The first trail through the area was made by the Jones & Plummer Cattle Co., bringing their cattle from the Texas Panhandle on the Canadian River to Dodge City.

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Santa Fe Trail, Dodge City, KS

Tracks of the original wagon trail used by pioneers from 1821 to 1872 are located nine miles west of town. This site, listed on the National Register of Historic Sites, contains the largest continuous stretch of clearly defined tracks along the entire route of the trail.

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Cimarron National Grassland, near Elkhart, KS

Managed by the U.S. Forest Service, Cimarron National Grassland near Elkhart, KS contains 108,000 acres where you can see an increasingly rare member of the Grouse family, the greater prairie chickens perform courting dances in this sea of golden grasses. Over 360 species of birds have been identified on the grasslands.

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